Dynasty of Zealots: a legends story
Role: Game Designer

Project time: 10 weeks

2 Designers
5 Graphical Artists
3 Programmers

What I did:
- Design HUD, help menu and paus screen
- Storyboards
- Final touch on motioncaptured boss animations
- Game design document
- Autodesk Maya level prototyping

Game description:
Doz is a third person action-adventure game where the player assumes the control of Nathaniel.
During the major parts of his life he's been used as a puppet for a theocracy in the land Endoria. But now he's trying to break free from his old masters.
His new goal is to overthrow the evil government and save the opressed people of the land.

Some in-game pictures:

Download the GDD HERE
Full game can be downloaded HERE(X-box controller required to play)

Copyright (c) Tobias Viklund 2011 | Tobias.Viklund9@gmail.com