Role: Game Designer

Project time: 5 weeks

2 Designers
4 Graphical Artists
1 Programmer

What the other designer and I did:
- Menu and HUD design
- The game design document

Game description:
2-4 players battle it out on eachother as penguins in a fast-paced partygame.

The game has three different modes:
Eggnapping: Steal your opponents eggs, the player with the most eggs when the time runs out wins.
Deathmatch: Kick the other players off the iceblock as many times as possible.
Egghunt: Be the first penguin to bring ten spawned eggs to your nest in order to win.

Some in-game pictures:

Unfortunately, only a swedish version of the GDD is avalible at the moment. Download it HERE
Full game can be downloaded HERE

Copyright (c) Tobias Viklund 2011 | Tobias.Viklund9@gmail.com